Day dreams, night lakes

Here’s what I’ve learned since you’ve been gone,

It’s takes a special type of person to love people like us.

We’re not anything anyone has ever experienced.

& at are best we these special people with ability love people like you and I.

But are worst we aren’t the best people.

… but even then we’re still more fit together than we’ll ever be with anyone else.

And because of this I can only be at my best when I’m with you.


Life works in cycles

360 degrees of eternity

From birth to expiration

Joy to sorrow

Nothing makes sense

and then everything does

It’s a game with no rules

and a path with no destination

Trivial yet simple

Hideous and beautiful at the same time

and the world keeps spinning

and the world keeps spinning

Buckle up and enjoy the ride

Delusions of grandeur

There’s a world outside of Philly I know nothing about

I’ll get there one day, I haven’t a doubt

The sun shines brighter

The loads a little lighter

The smiles are welcoming

and there aren’t any selfish schemes

Time doesn’t exist

Neither does fear

Life in full bliss

I’ll find it somewhere


One time I farted shorty after hearing another person fart loudly. But no one knew I had farted. They only knew about the person who’s fart sounded like a garbage disposal.

Somehow the two farts merged together and became a lethal toxin causing people to vacate the area in mass hysteria.

As this person swore up and down that a smell like that could’ve have come from their body, I watched from the other side of the room feeling both liberated —because no one knew I had contributed-and guilty -because everyone thought it came from her-.

She’s a manager at Walmart now and sometimes when I’m up late at night I think to myself “How might her life been different if our farts hadn’t mutated into a nuclear gas?”.

The Yamz

Always in a rush but I stopped for you

Living in a rut cuz my mind confused

Stuck in my emotions ain’t got time to be

all the signs say you were designed for me

Will I get you back only time will tell

Before I find love I gotta find myself