Adrift (5am in Philadelphia)

Some people are born with the knowledge about what they’ve been sent to this earth to do, others are blessed with a journey that they must take in order for this information to be revealed to them.

I happen to belong to both groups of people; because in the beginning I knew everything; I understood the universe. But somehow, somewhere along the way I got side tracked, knocked off course and  lead astray.

However, it is because of my journey that I am no longer afraid of the unknown. Those unchartered territories of the mind which threaten its state of comfort, evoking fear, no longer pose threats to my stability. Instead they cheer me on; constantly reminding me of the great mystery that is the Self.

It  seemed rational for me – being an educator – to document some of the lessons I’ve learned while on my path to immortality. My only hope is that the person I’ve become will inspire those also struggling to find themselves in this noise polluted world.

Along my path I’ve learn to:

Breathe slowly

Live fearlessly

Love eternally

and think freely





Sunrise at the pier

She loves me

Often she expresses to me how I am the man of her dreams

and how no one has ever touched her the way that I have

But I believe this is only because they haven’t attempted to go beyond her surface

That night, I did more than rub her curves.

I massaged her soul.

I caressed her mind.

I accepted her energy as part of my own.









Conversations without words

She said “word to Monica you can’t trust a big dick and a smile”

skin shinning like gold, orally fixated, tryna turn her out

I can tell she aint ever,  had another as real as me

They give her that commercial stroke, but she don’t even watch TV

Her style is kind of different, sophisticated, with a side of ratchet

Pretty Face, nice shape, I just gotta have it

I promised myself not to rush becuase its deeper than sex

So I  just bite my lip thinking about how it’ll feel, when I lick her  wet

I lived in a crowded house so our first time was on the steps

On that one night, when the Jack had me feeling like telling the truth

Told her I aint going nowhere, if it aint with you

Like I can’t do nothing, without thinkin of you

I said this while her nipples were in my mouth

found out she was a squirter, on my gramma’s couch

Now I know why she kept plastic

I’m like how you do that? your pussy magic

I’m in love now, I can’t lie

Thinking about getting her name tatted, near my thigh





Primitive ways 

I feel like have to get rid of my phone if I really want to live.

Often I find myself caring more about looking like I’m having fun than actually having fun.

And even as I write this I hear myself thinking “but then none except you will know that you’ve lived”……….but isn’t that the point? 

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Solar Energy

Who will love this man?

A question I sometimes ask myself at night while alone listening to music and feeding to  my oral fixation with a cigar I purchased from an Asian restaurant.

Deep thoughts circle in my mind. Some so dark that I immediately pray they never escape my mind. Others so enlightening that I fear ill be crucified if I ever form words to express them.

You see, I’m afraid of myself. My essence and my power make me feel like I’m the Sun; beautiful to look at but too dangerous to get close to.

My clairvoyant persona something I sometimes wish I could hide but like the sun surrounded by clouds its only a matter of time before the light on the other side peaks through again.

As I begin to regain focus my vision clears and I recognized my path, filled lighted and  truth.

Yet some nights I still find myself asking:

“Who will love this man?”

Who will be brave enough to love the man who holds the power to either heal or destroy the world?

HE, he will love Self; for his survival in this dimension rest upon this defining decision.



My theory on love 

The idea of love that we have in our minds is merely an illusion. We fall in love with what we believe someone or something is; placing unrealistic expectations, conditions and limits on this fabricated emotion. 
 It’s my belief that it’s insane to do such a thing. How can you place expectations, conditions and definitions on an emotion as powerful and infinite as love?- An emotion which can take lifetimes to to fully express.
Love is the entity which encompasses our very existence. Therefore it cannot be based on illusions which will soon fade and disappear because love has neither an ending or beginning. – Jahlil Tahree