They tricked us. They told us to “go to school” and “get good grades” and for what? To get out and make minimum wage? So they could use our college debt to make us the new slaves?, while giving away this same opportunity away for free to inmates up state. I remember My math teacher use to always ask me “do you wanna go to penn state or state pen” and every time I get my monthly statement I’m finding out how his logic didn’t make since. 

It’s like this degree is just for bragging rights.a reason for me to correct everyones grammar and get accused of acting white. 

I did not take over a hundred hours worth of credits, max out all my account swiping debit, and build an unhealthy tolerance for morning hangoversJust to live a lifestyle any less than epic. 

So give me liberty or give me death. Because I’m willing to die to regain back my self respect. 

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