Why I’m not going to stop say the word “nigga”

Since slavery the “conscious community” both black and white have been trying to abolish the word “nigga” but I’m telling you it isn’t going anywhere. And it’s Not because black people lack dignity or any of that other stuff that many people believe.  To my understanding the word “nigger ” was first used in AmericaContinue reading “Why I’m not going to stop say the word “nigga””

Get to know you questions that should be banned

If you are single like me and currently in the (seemingly) everlasting  ” getting to meet new people” phase in your love life then this post will probably hit home for you.  While getting to meet new people  can be fun there are also  some aspects about this process that can be  confusing and sometimesContinue reading “Get to know you questions that should be banned”

The wolves 

It was in the depths of the city in a place that lacked light. Where the wolves were hunting as wolves do at night. They didn’t care if you were an elder or youth, because the smell of  vulnerability signaled you were food.  They traveled in packs wearing subtle colors, neglected their children and killedContinue reading “The wolves “

Staring at the walls

I’ve sat in this room for a long time. Sleeping, tossing, turning, getting up staring at the wall, planning on how I would get back what was mine. I mapped out my entire life from now until then. Traveled the world so many times in my mind  it made me head spin. My thoughts stretchedContinue reading “Staring at the walls”

Why I Prefer Crazy Women

Before I get into this I think I need to explain that when I say crazy I don’t mean breaking car windows, showing up places unannounced, breaking into my apartment and fighting every girl that looks at me. That’s not crazy ,that’s destructive. In my eyes a “crazy” woman is a woman who doesn’t bowContinue reading “Why I Prefer Crazy Women”

Hero or villain? Part 2

When did I start thinking like this?  How did the villain become the hero? Days later and I still can’t get Solange ‘s song out of my head. After listening  to it a million times I finally realize that it wasn’t love that she had loss during this emotional period in her life. It was her mind.Continue reading “Hero or villain? Part 2”

Ballad of a Horrible Friend

You Always liked me. and I always likes you. You were always so real to me, so I felt comfortable telling you my truth.You never said much but you always listened. But when the time finally came for you to talk, I went missing and when you finally got the chance to tell me, afterwardsContinue reading “Ballad of a Horrible Friend”

Hero or Villain?

Sitting here listening to Solanges new single “Cranes In The Sky” for the fist time and I cant help but feel melancholy and dumbfounded at the same time. Why do I feel what she feels as she sings? Why do I instantly want to undue all the hurt she’s been through? Seems like I’ve beenContinue reading “Hero or Villain?”