Scientists have agreed that based on their body composition bees 🐝 shouldn’t be able to fly. In other words their wings are not physically strong enough to carry their bodies. However, despite this disadvantage bees 🐝 still manage to float through air gracefully. Because the bee is born with wings it BElieves that it wasContinue reading “BElieve “


On our journeys through life there are some paths which we are required to travel alone or with different and new people . Always remember that when a connection is genuine the people who’ve been connected will always find a way back to each other. So if I haven’t spoken to you in a whileContinue reading “Journeymen “

What is “Pain”?

What if pain isn’t real? What if pain is just stunted growth? Growth that has been stagnated by our inabilities to let go of the parts of us that need to die off in order to make room for the parts that havent manifested yet.  I read somewhere that at the root of all sufferingContinue reading “What is “Pain”?”

Fear and love 

You can lead by fear or you can lead by love.One form of leadership demeans a person and makes them feel inadequate, the other raises a person to heights that they themselves couldn’t reach on there own. As a leader, which types of people would you prefer to have behind you?

Mountain Peaks 

Today I let my shoulders fall and when I felt their broadness I felt elevated.For longer than I can remember I kept them tight, tense and coiled. I believed that if I ever eased up that the mountains that I’d been carrying would collapse or even worse, become a burden for someone else to carry.Continue reading “Mountain Peaks “

Other drugs

Everything happened so fast. One minute I’m cursing you out via text asking you “where the fuck you been” and the next minute I’m staring at your dead body. I can’t stop thinking about you. I haven’t left the house in weeks. All I keep thinking is ” where did you go after you leftContinue reading “Other drugs”

The Revolution 

The revolution will not be televised:It will be recorded on a smart phone, posted on social media to go viral  and viewed in a courtroom by a selected jury who will vote “non guilty” Causing race relations in the community to spiral  The revolution will not be televised: It will come in the form ofContinue reading “The Revolution “

Old flames

I’ve always had a thing for you and you’ve always had a thing for me. We were still trying to understanding our bodies then so it’s was hard for us to understand why we felt the way we did about each other. But even when we did we were still hesitant to explore…. or maybeContinue reading “Old flames”