The Mother

Why do we praise the Day more than we priase the Night?

Although it is true that the Sun nourishes us, it’s also a fact that it burns us out as well.

The Night……The nights is the healer, the nurturer, the reviver , and the shade from the heat.


She may not be as strong but she deserves respect too.


I’ve come to the realization that growing up in the inner city makes a person afraid to slow down.

It’s as if a drug (or society) has embedded an imaginary time clock inside of our heads which has forced us to believe that there is never enough to time, to do what we’ve been sent here to do.

This onward haste has caused us to idolize the deal of HAVING more than the experience of APPRECIATING.

So much so that we rush through life, never staying still long enough to notice the signs.

But what would happen if abandoned these clocks? what if we stopped for a moment to breathe, exhale and smell the roses?




The place I come from is dark and cold

and the scent of fear attracts wolves so to survive means to be bold.

Where the people are pratrolled  daily and respect is never shown.

And in all of the choaos we’re exepectected to not lose control.

So we’re always on the  move becuase our life is an endless mission.

While they cut our numbers in half like long division.

Somehow  I mange to rise above the madness, keeping a bright smile despite of all my sadness.

Waking up feeling like something is missing and going to sleep praying that things will be diffent.

But as long as I keep fighting ill go the distnance, and finally manifest all of my visions.

5 tips that will help you improve your art

 Tip 1- Define Your Art:

Many people believe that because they don’t paint or play a piano that they are not artist but this is far from the truth. One of the reasons that people don’t classify themselves as artist is because most times these individuals don’t have a full understanding of what “art” truly is.

According to Wikipedia, art is a range of human activities creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts, expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

Since all living things possess these capabilities this means that everyone/everything has the potential to create art.

Tip 2- Art isn’t perfect art is expression:

Most times us “Artsy” people have a hard time fully expressing our talents because we try too hard to be perfect forgetting that the word “perfect” is subjective. For instance, depending on the culture/environment the idea of “perfection” can be viewed in many different ways.

So just be yourself, you’re the only one in the world who can do that.

Tip 3- Use your brain:   

Most times we as artist seem to use the wrong sides of our brains when we are creating art, which causes us to overthink. Just in case you’re unaware of which side you should be using ill give you a quick overview: 

The brain is spilt up into to two sides; the left side/hemisphere is responsible for cognitive function (decision making) and the right side/hemisphere is responsible for creative thinking. 

This is probably the reason many great artist agree that their best works have been created when they where more focused on creating art (doing) than deciding on what to do next (thinking). 

If I were you I’d just go with the flow. Who knows… you might create something that people will soon consider timeless!

Tip 4- Don’t rush it:

From my experience it is best to go over your work until the point of satisfaction. The last thing you want is for your art to be misunderstood because you didn’t take the time out to pay attention to detail.

Patience is virtue (for more reasons than one).

Tip 5- Great Artist Steal:

This is a fairly popular saying in the art community but don’t take it too literal; it doesn’t mean plagiarize someone else’s work (although this does happen).

The objective of this phrase is to encourage artist to use the work(s) of other artist to encourage them to create art as great or possibly greater than the artist(s) they’ve studied/observed.


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”-Thomas Merton


Some people in the world believe that all living things are the Manifestation of God. If this happens to be truth, than the reason humans are labeled as “mankind”  now make so much more sense to me. The word itself seems to imply that man (infestation) comes in all shapes in sizes.


“And if we be the manifestation of God, wouldn’t that make us God too?”


…..Makes me wonder

4 random facts about Tahree

Fact 1:I’m not religious- I mean… I believe I’m a higher power ;I just don’t like labeling

Fact 2:I used to want to be a famous singer when I was a kid- I’ve participated in some legendary singing battles growing up in the “hood” as a child

Fact 3: If I love you then there’s song I have for you – your song explains your connection to me in this world (and its probably because I low-key l have an infatuation with music).

Fact 4:I don’t like hot sauce- Just in case anyone was thinking of trying to use “putting hot sauce on everything” as a way to test my street cred