Memoirs: Entitled

One night I saw God on the corner of Broad and Olney So I asked him: Nigga where you been? Why I ain’t got no wife yet? Why you keep killing all of my friends? Why I ain’t rich? Where the fuck is Benz? And why every time I turn around something wrong again? ButContinue reading “Memoirs: Entitled”

Memoirs: Salsa 

I had a dance with the devil before He kept taking the lead and wouldn’t let me be free So I decided to take him to war If I knew that he wanted this much control I would’ve never bargained away my soul He knocked me off balance so that I’d avoid every challenge AndContinue reading “Memoirs: Salsa “


I was in the alley watching niggas serve the fiends  Listening to Papi sell the hood niggas dreams  I was in an Audi by the age of 17 Couldn’t go to sleep I had smokers in my dreams  Tried to keep the peace but I would smoke you for my cream I just had toContinue reading “Statistic “