Memoirs: Entitled

One night I saw God on the corner of Broad and Olney

So I asked him:

Nigga where you been?

Why I ain’t got no wife yet?

Why you keep killing all of my friends?

Why I ain’t rich?

Where the fuck is Benz?

And why every time I turn around something wrong again?

But you want me to pray to you at night?

Why you out here chilling and not making shit right?

*He exhaled his blunt and leaned back on his SS impala and said:*

Why my blessings always gotta come in dollars?

I gave knowledge youngin, that shit has power!

You think I care that you’re upset cause I smoked your boys?

I like when there’s  peace and they was making too much noise

And you pushin up on me like you wanna join them

Better get your punk ass up off my corner

I should pistol whip your punk ass right now

For coming at me like im a clown

I’m letting you live this one last time

But if I see you again that ass is mine

No time to be living in pain or sorrow

cause from now on your time is borrowed

I could’ve killed your lil ass when you was ten

But here I am giving  you life again

So when you wake up in the morning, you better thank me

Cause you got troubles but you blessed mainly

Just don’t  ever forget who that is I be

And don’t ever forget that I’m your OG


Memoirs: Salsa 

I had a dance with the devil before

He kept taking the lead and wouldn’t let me be free

So I decided to take him to war

If I knew that he wanted this much control I would’ve never bargained away my soul

He knocked me off balance so that I’d avoid every challenge

And my constant thoughts of death made my fears seem boundless

While inside of this war I didn’t think I’d  last

Because he fought me with the pain of my past

But I never backed downed or thought to give in

because I knew my suffering was a means to an end

By the end of the fight I was not the same

So different that I decided to change my name

Now my energy is high,my mind is clear and my lonely days have disappeared

But every now and again I sit back and wonder

” What if this bliss is an illusion?”

“What if el diablo had my number?”


I was in the alley watching niggas serve the fiends 
Listening to Papi sell the hood niggas dreams 
I was in an Audi by the age of 17

Couldn’t go to sleep I had smokers in my dreams 

Tried to keep the peace but I would smoke you for my cream

I just had to have it

Light skin bitch kept saying I was average 

Didn’t want to fail, didn’t want to live bummy

Late night kitchen table counting up the money 

Everything was blurry my whole life looked fuzzy 

All I really wanted was for somebody to love me 

Moving too fast now my room look like a cubby,

Eating chi’s chi’s chips cutttin up my tummy 

1 year down 15 years coming 

All this time left and ain’t no runnin 

It’s 1 million kinds a way to eat

But the hood got me thinking the only way is the streets 

So when I get home Ima trap some more 

and when I get smoked they spray paint me on the corner store 

My kids won’t have a father and their mother will be spiteful

Because she knows that they’re  doomed to continue the cycle