Memoirs: How To Love

Had a lot of crooks try to steal my heart Sneaking through my windows Breaking in my cars Smoking all indo (weed) tearing me apart Pills on the counter don’t want to feel the scars Because they hurt real bad Like waiting for your dad But he never show, so now ya momma mad AndContinue reading “Memoirs: How To Love”

Perverse Sense Of Humor:Abductions

I honestly believe that the feeling  you get when you’ve just realized your car has been towed, is very close to the feeling you get when you find out that one of your children or close relatives  have been abducted/kidnapped. Lets think about it: You go outside looking around to find your car. Pretty soonContinue reading “Perverse Sense Of Humor:Abductions”

Other drugs

We fuck the energy out  of eachother! I dont understand why it’s so good. Souls and minds connected Addicted to be finally being understood   How could a person feel this way and not want to stay forever? Who’d go back to being single after being altogher? Always and forever, From ya babe