Sunrise’s At The Pier:Love Placebo

I now “innerstand” that thing which causes us to make a fool of ourselves. That thing which causes us to lie, cheat, steal and sometimes murder. Those looking from the outside in, may even go as far as to say that we’ve become addicted. Only becuase we’ll do just about anything to get it. WhileContinue reading “Sunrise’s At The Pier:Love Placebo”

Memoirs:Theory About Riches

What does it mean to be rich? Which value do we use to measure someone’s wealth in this life?  Is it by the sum of luxury one has experienced? Or the pain one has endured as a sacrifice to see a loved one smile? Maybe its measured by the amount of material things acquired overContinue reading “Memoirs:Theory About Riches”

Memoirs: Adrift (5am in Philadelphia)

Some people are born with the knowledge about what they’ve been sent to this earth to do, others are blessed with a journey that they must take in order for this information to be revealed to them. I happen to belong to both groups of people; because in the beginning I knew everything; I understoodContinue reading “Memoirs: Adrift (5am in Philadelphia)”

Other Drugs: Conversations without words

She said “word to Monica you can’t trust a big dick and a smile” skin shinning like gold, orally fixated, tryna turn her out I can tell she aint ever,  had another as real as me They give her that commercial stroke, but she don’t even watch TV Her style is kind of different, sophisticated,Continue reading “Other Drugs: Conversations without words”