Other drugs

We fuck the energy out  of eachother!

I dont understand why it’s so good.

Souls and minds connected

Addicted to be finally being understood


How could a person feel this way and not want to stay forever?

Who’d go back to being single after being altogher?

Always and forever,

From ya babe


Memoirs: Time is all we have

We have as much as we believe we have. Everyday we can do more if we just tell ourselves we can. All those movies about super heros came from a person’s mind, those powerful machines were put together with human hands and all the diamonds in the world could never outshine the light that lies within us. We are great, we are God.                     Peace!


Sunrise’s At The Pier

The best way to describe what we were would be to not attempt to. But I’m willing to bet that you know I disdain rules. we weren’t perfect but there wasnt much flaw. The only thing against us it seems, was the time we had chosen to fall. You see, during times of reconstruction it is hard to build with others. Even if  by mistake you fall in love with eachother. Even if they may be the “one”, you have to stick to your plan. So we decided, it’d be better to stick to what we knew, than to cling to a dream that may never come true.

-The artist


Sunrise’s At The Pier:Love Placebo

I now “innerstand” that thing which causes us to make a fool of ourselves. That thing which causes us to lie, cheat, steal and sometimes murder. Those looking from the outside in, may even go as far as to say that we’ve become addicted. Only becuase we’ll do just about anything to get it.

While becoming dependent on its effects, we’ve began to consequently lose interest in its authenticity. So much so that in some instances we can  be found  gullible enough to be fooled by inexact replicas.

But it is hard for me to talk about this drug that we all call love without feeling a tremble, my heart may even at times race and thoughts begin to aspiral.  Maybe beacuse I have   witnessed and been apart of so many acts of self-denial. All in this hunt for the “love placebo”.

Sometimes I wonder “what if we all had been educated on these emotions in our adolescent years?” “Would  we still feel the need to chase quick fixes?” “or would we then be able be patient and nurture the seeds of love that had been implanted within us this entire time.”


What do you thing friend?,

-The Artist Jahlil Tahree




Other drugs Continued

“Have you seen her here before? I know you’ve seen her here before! No one could forget someone like her! She came her 3 days ago she had on a red sweater and  she probably smelled like  roses. She has caramel skin and long brown hair with blonde streaks. Please tell me you seen her!”

“What do you mean you don’t know? I’ve been talking to store owners on this strip all day and your my only hope! Can please check your cameras or something? I don’t know what I’m going to don’t find her soon! ”

When he walked to the back I climbed behind the counter and took the store gun and all the money I could from the register without making a mess of everything. If I was going to find who killed the only I woman I ever loved I was going to need cash and protection. I had an idea of where she may have went after she left my spot. I was going to start there and if need be end there.