Life is most beautiful in the beginning

hold onto the moments that have no ending

Reflect on the past but pay attention

Or you’ll get lost in a gray dimension

Look forward to the future but never forget

The present is something you shouldn’t neglect

Most ideas are influenced by our idols

Too much love makes us suicidal


How I’m sposed to go to sleep ?

I’m living with PSTD

Thoughts keep controlling me

and aint no one consoling me

Feeling all this urgency

Its hard to get a hold of me

cop cars patrolling me

Tryna catch me serve the fiens

Coulda caught a body went up state

Before I got my first degree

But aint gone explain myself

And I don’t need a lame to help

Ambulance car outside

They say my nigga banged his self

That nigga should’ve hit my phone

Like “ yo Tah I’m feeling alone”

I would’ve smoked a blunt with you

I would’ve  took the gun from you

But Instead I’m at ya funeral crying

Still alive but my insides dying

I need a way to break the surface

Cause the liquor and the weed aint working

My depression got me feeling kinda worthless

Feeling lost got me questioning my purpose

And now I cant go to sleep.


Waking up 6 in the morning

Time to get again

Spread the word

I got them zones in

Got it jumpin up my end

My whip game hella strong

Got clientele

So it gonna sale

If you need some

hit my phone

This how it is when got the plug

when I ride by they show me so much love.