Muvfuckas better be sleep! Inspired by Samuel L.Jackson

Mfs better be sleep next time I walk past Because If mfs ain’t I’m beating some ass. So don’t ask for juice or nothing to eat Because last time I checked y’all was supposed to be sleep. See, I hear a lot of noise when it should to be quiet I should only hear snoringContinue reading “Muvfuckas better be sleep! Inspired by Samuel L.Jackson”

Day dreams, night lakes

Here’s what I’ve learned since you’ve been gone, It’s takes a special type of person to love people like us. We’re not anything anyone has ever experienced. & at are best we these special people with ability love people like you and I. But are worst we aren’t the best people. … but even thenContinue reading “Day dreams, night lakes”

Delusions of grandeur

There’s a world outside of Philly I know nothing about I’ll get there one day, I haven’t a doubt The sun shines brighter The loads a little lighter The smiles are welcoming and there aren’t any selfish schemes Time doesn’t exist Neither does fear Life in full bliss I’ll find it somewhere