Mountain Peaks 

Today I let my shoulders fall and when I felt their broadness I felt elevated.For longer than I can remember I kept them tight, tense and coiled. I believed that if I ever eased up that the mountains that I’d been carrying would collapse or even worse, become a burden for someone else to carry.Continue reading “Mountain Peaks “

Other drugs

Everything happened so fast. One minute I’m cursing you out via text asking you “where the fuck you been” and the next minute I’m staring at your dead body. I can’t stop thinking about you. I haven’t left the house in weeks. All I keep thinking is ” where did you go after you leftContinue reading “Other drugs”

The Revolution 

The revolution will not be televised:It will be recorded on a smart phone, posted on social media to go viral  and viewed in a courtroom by a selected jury who will vote “non guilty” Causing race relations in the community to spiral  The revolution will not be televised: It will come in the form ofContinue reading “The Revolution “

Old flames

I’ve always had a thing for you and you’ve always had a thing for me. We were still trying to understanding our bodies then so it’s was hard for us to understand why we felt the way we did about each other. But even when we did we were still hesitant to explore…. or maybeContinue reading “Old flames”

Other drugs

  It’s past our meeting date. I’m irritated, horney and angry all in one so I send the text: “I’ve been calling you for days and you’re not answering this isn’t like you. You would’ve called me by now. What’s going on? Should I do a pop up? I knew you were going to eventuallyContinue reading “Other drugs”

Other drugs

It’s been a few days now and we haven’t talked but I’m not tripping because I know your body’s schedule and you know mine. We always seem to know the right time to contact one another. We’re supposed to be moved on into new relationships, but that hasn’t stopped us from talking and occasionally makingContinue reading “Other drugs”

Trophies wives

/**/ Since we were little boys most of us we’re thought by our parents or society that life was about proving our worth. So we learn to be competitive at a very young age. We learn through observation that to be the best at something grants you a certain level of prestige and added privileges.Continue reading “Trophies wives”

Blurred Lines

Why are we so afraid to be ourselves?  Not the self that the ego tells us we are but are true, natural selves. The parts of us that cry during sad movies, enjoy shows that don’t relate to our culture and admit to being just as confused about life as the rest of the world.Continue reading “Blurred Lines”

Under A Tree

        Have you ever looked at the roots of a tree? I mean really examined them. The roots of a tree are planted firmly inside of the earth. This is where the tree gets all of its strength from. These roots make it so that the tree stays grounded under extreme conditions.Continue reading “Under A Tree”

What we talkin about?

What we talking about? We talking about black negligence or black presidents?  We talking about black power or blacks being killed over crack and powder? We talking political or we talking street?  We talking about black love or we talking about hood beefs? We talking about how we starved or about how we are goingContinue reading “What we talkin about?”