What happens to dreams unseen? Do they transfer to our roughs drafts? Perish away to our archives? Hide in our trash bins? -Seemingly destined for deletion- Or do they sit in our notifications like unopened email Waiting patiently for our attention

Wild hearts

I don’t want to posses you I want to guide us to liberty Like the ax man in the Forrest I want to chop away At the concepts manipulating your memory I can see that this life is an illusion So I’m manifesting an image of your thighs spreading like diffusion So much chemistry ifContinue reading “Wild hearts”


I believe that when the universe creating me, it did so with its own image in mind. I believe I am protected inside of The universe law And that this law balances the galaxy. I believe that nothing exist and that life is a very convincing illusion. I believe that the ocean is in theContinue reading “Miracles”

Pre Judged

You look like the girl To make guys fall in love with you Yeah you the type a girl They wanna ball in the club with you You look like the girl That want it all no limits Ya Money tall no gimmicks So you ain’t worried about a image Yeah you the type ofContinue reading “Pre Judged”


Through experience and observation, I’ve come to realize that  no other person will ever be made in our image except ourselves. So that if there is a such thing as a ” soul mate” – or whatever phrase is more appropriate today- he/she will also be made in an image of their own and thisContinue reading “Projections”

Many Truths

I know myself in ways that I could never explain. At time I feel like a slave who isn’t aware of his own chains. Other times I focus so much on my faults that I take an unfair amount of the blame, using weed and meditation to alleviate the pain. My goal is to escapeContinue reading “Many Truths”

Prophecies from the Avenue

Manifestations and revelations Astro traveling with no destination Ego’s in search of a self destructive truth Poets organizing melodies in a booth Sleeping giants being resurrected To the call of queens who’ve been disrespected Werewolves who aren’t afraid of silver Ghettos prophets without a filter Everyone alive but no one living Mercenaries who have forgotContinue reading “Prophecies from the Avenue”


When the universe speaks its time to listen Or you’ll end up a wonderer without a mission Signs are hidden in plane sight Like landminds, ready to ignite The call for greatness cannot be ignored Each journey offering a little bit more Where this road ends, we don’t yet know These lives we lead areContinue reading “Supernova”