I was in the alley watching niggas serve the fiends  Listening to Papi sell the hood niggas dreams  I was in an Audi by the age of 17 Couldn’t go to sleep I had smokers in my dreams  Tried to keep the peace but I would smoke you for my cream I just had toContinue reading “Statistic “

Ghetto Superstar

At night I get lifted and dance with the stars Wondering when ima get mine just so I can make it ours Tryna hide my pain but they don’t make tattoos to hide these types of scars Growin up in a world where that’d rather see me dead  or behind bars Instead of in aContinue reading “Ghetto Superstar”


  Honestly, I always felt like I was never worth your time, let alone a piece of your heart….but now I see that the way you came up makes it not all of  your fault. Still, that doesn’t stop the memories from haunting my thoughts…. and if anyone ever asked me what seperated us …I’dContinue reading “Exoneration”


The world I live in has a variety of focuses…everyone exposes their flaws but they all go unnoticed… in this world we do not believe in hate or fear…. so love is the compass which helps us steer  Expression is the substratum of our life… it never gets dark because of our inner light WeContinue reading “Transcendental “

You and I 

Have you ever notice how The Sun remains still while the planets in its universe revolve and rotate around it? It (the sun) manipulates these movements via a force called gravity. Gravity aligns and organizes the planets in accordance to the sun. So, The order of the Universe is dependent on gravity i.e. (In otherContinue reading “You and I “

The Sinister Statistic

When you look at me what do you see?  Do you see me as I am or as an image portrayed on tv?  Am I being judged based on my character or on an infamous Gangster who’s plans you wish to shatter.  Maybe Nino brown or frank Lucas, because maybe then it would make senseContinue reading “The Sinister Statistic”


Scientists have agreed that based on their body composition bees 🐝 shouldn’t be able to fly. In other words their wings are not physically strong enough to carry their bodies. However, despite this disadvantage bees 🐝 still manage to float through air gracefully. Because the bee is born with wings it BElieves that it wasContinue reading “BElieve “


On our journeys through life there are some paths which we are required to travel alone or with different and new people . Always remember that when a connection is genuine the people who’ve been connected will always find a way back to each other. So if I haven’t spoken to you in a whileContinue reading “Journeymen “

What is “Pain”?

What if pain isn’t real? What if pain is just stunted growth? Growth that has been stagnated by our inabilities to let go of the parts of us that need to die off in order to make room for the parts that havent manifested yet.  I read somewhere that at the root of all sufferingContinue reading “What is “Pain”?”