The wolves 

It was in the depths of the city in a place that lacked light. Where the wolves were hunting as wolves do at night. They didn’t care if you were an elder or youth, because the smell of  vulnerability signaled you were food.  They traveled in packs wearing subtle colors, neglected their children and killedContinue reading “The wolves “

Stop looking at me like that 

Why you staring at me like that? Like every word I speak has an if I asked for your heart right now I could probably have that.  Tell me what’s going on in your head?  Because its now or never so don’t tell me you scared. I could be anywhere in the world butContinue reading “Stop looking at me like that “

Things to do the next time I fall in love 

Tell her she’s beautiful, and that no matter how fast the years past she’ll always be that way to you. Show her that no matter how cruel the world is she’ll always be what gets you thru. Give her a home to preform her blessing. Make her feel your warmth even when you aren’t  present.Continue reading “Things to do the next time I fall in love “

Black Boys Revenge 

Stop racing to the grave and stop going to jail. Stop leaving us to raise ourselves in this living hell. Please help my mother with building this shell. Because when you leave the evil arrives and mom can’t protect us from both sides.  Yeah mom’s a queen and she does what she can but noContinue reading “Black Boys Revenge “

We Love America 

Dear America,We spend all of our money at your stores, and wait patiently in long lines outside of your doors,to spend money we got from jobs doing your unwanted chores, where we’re forced to accept what you pay us because we’re scared to ask for more.  We give and you take, we spend you make.Continue reading “We Love America “

Higher learning 

I was trying to get you to see that your life held value and that no amount of money could replace it. But the hood was so good to you that you became complacent . You ain’t want no education you just wanted an iced out bracelet and a SS Impala so through life youContinue reading “Higher learning “


They tricked us. They told us to “go to school” and “get good grades” and for what? To get out and make minimum wage? So they could use our college debt to make us the new slaves?, while giving away this same opportunity away for free to inmates up state. I remember My math teacher useContinue reading “Bamboozled”

School’s In 

It was all my fault. I was lacking confidence. I was scared of the unknown and most of all I was afraid of what they thought. I over analyzed every situation which in turn altered my destination. Forced to take these scenic routes because the original path had road blocks made up of my ownContinue reading “School’s In “