Memoirs: The “Hit em up” theory

What if Jesus didn’t rise on the third day and forgive those who had portrayed him? What if came back in all black with guns ready to spray em? What if he rose from the dead in his hospital bed? And decided that whoever set him up was dead Plus everyone at the last supperContinue reading “Memoirs: The “Hit em up” theory”

Sunrise’s At The Pier: Euphoric 

As I stood in the doorway, eyes piercing through the dark of the night, obsessing over satins unique ability to caress every curve and angle of her frame. I received an impulse to approach my prey. So smitten I don’t recall how I traveled the distance. Maybe I glided, maybe my wings flew me towardsContinue reading “Sunrise’s At The Pier: Euphoric “

Memoirs: Reciprocity 

I often read sayings/statements which discuss how ” there is always someone in the world willing to kiss/worship the ground we walk on” and I believe this is true; but I also believe that the people we meet in this life are a reflection of where we are in our human development. If this isContinue reading “Memoirs: Reciprocity “

Memoirs: Evolution

Here on earth we all wear a disguise We run from the truth and embrace common lies We live in fear and hide in crowds Who say individual thought is not allowed We choose a God and praise his name We seek attention and live in vain The idea of love is just that, anContinue reading “Memoirs: Evolution”

Memoirs: Entitled

One night I saw God on the corner of Broad and Olney So I asked him: Nigga where you been? Why I ain’t got no wife yet? Why you keep killing all of my friends? Why I ain’t rich? Where the fuck is Benz? And why every time I turn around something wrong again? ButContinue reading “Memoirs: Entitled”

Memoirs: Salsa 

I had a dance with the devil before He kept taking the lead and wouldn’t let me be free So I decided to take him to war If I knew that he wanted this much control I would’ve never bargained away my soul He knocked me off balance so that I’d avoid every challenge AndContinue reading “Memoirs: Salsa “


I was in the alley watching niggas serve the fiends  Listening to Papi sell the hood niggas dreams  I was in an Audi by the age of 17 Couldn’t go to sleep I had smokers in my dreams  Tried to keep the peace but I would smoke you for my cream I just had toContinue reading “Statistic “

Ghetto Superstar

At night I get lifted and dance with the stars Wondering when ima get mine just so I can make it ours Tryna hide my pain but they don’t make tattoos to hide these types of scars Growin up in a world where that’d rather see me dead  or behind bars Instead of in aContinue reading “Ghetto Superstar”