Stop looking at me like that 

Why you staring at me like that? Like every word I speak has an if I asked for your heart right now I could probably have that.

 Tell me what’s going on in your head?  Because its now or never so don’t tell me you scared. I could be anywhere in the world but I’m here with you …. and you here with me so what it’s gone be?

If I see potential in means you got some sense because I got my heart broke once and ain’t never loved since, but I’m tired of running. I guess that’s why I’m not on the fence., so stop stalling like you don’t  know this is meant. You act like I’m trying I’m trying to make you go half on the rent! Lol

5 things I’ve learned from the septa strike

While the majority of septa users have turned to social media and other outlets to express their frustrations with the current Septa strike, I have decided to use this time to appreciate the things that I often took for granted prior to the strike.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned during the recent Septa Strike:

  1. You find out who is important to you and how important you are to them when the means of transportation are limited. There’s definitely a thin line between friends and associates.
  2. Walking is therapeutic. walking can provide the alone or quality time needed to resolve  inner issues and personal stress.
  3. uncertainty influences social interaction. I’ve spoken to so many different people that I probably normally wouldn’t speak to all because we were confused about how we were going to get to our destination.
  4. If you want change charge dollars. If this strike has taught me anything its that when you want things to change you threaten the economical order. Philadelphia is expected to lose an estimated $120 million in the first week of this strike. I’m sure negotiations  will be made soon because it is in the best interest of the cities economy.
  5. once a person gets used to living without something it’s hard to convince them that they need it again.If septa goes on strike any longer its going to be hard to convince me to stop walking to and from the suburban station. I’m really starting to enjoy the exercise  and peace of mind  I’ve been getting from my early morning walks; feels like I’m back down south.

Letter to the creatives

We are all born with the ability to create and manifest ideas but somewhere along the way we forget or abandon this special power we’ve all been blessed with. We go for the more ” realistic” approach to life and abandon all of our dreams for  “security” or the “sure thing”.All because society places so much pressure on us to be or act a certain way by a particular age. Causing us to speed through life in order to make deadlines and personality adjustments (that aren’t always needed).

When does this start? when does the boot of society begin to weigh on our necks?

Being a father made me realize how early this process begins and how much of a role parents/adults play in preserving the creative abilities of  children:

While  my son and I were coloring I noticed my son was coloring in  chaotic way; not staying inside the lines, mixing colors that I don’t usually see mixed together, stuff like that.I was just about to stop him and tell him “the right way” to color but a thought popped into my head. “Who am I to alter  his creation?” What makes the way I’ve been taught  automatically the right way? This is when I began to realized how people (sometimes subconsciously) push there reality on one another and suppress each others creativeness.

Similarly, when I was a child in art class I noticed how the kids who colored inside of the lines would get praise from their teachers and peers while people like me who colored in a less organized way would get brushed off. So I began to change my coloring style to fit their criteria.By doing this  I was unknowing suppressing my creativity and living in someone else’s world.

Hind sight is 20/20.

Today, because I realize how powerful the ability to create is for every creature,  I encourage everyone I encounter to not be afraid to color outside of the lines, mix colors, and draw weird shapes.So if you’re reading this I pray that afterwards you begin to manifest your ideas and if you’re going to suppress anything suppress your fears.Who cares what people think? People die in their sleep every night which proves to me that their really isn’t a safe or secure way to live.


R.I.P Halloween

Yesterday morning I agreed to help a friend pass out candy for the annual Halloween celebration.I must admit I was a bit stoked to see all of the kids in their Halloween costumes because all weekend I  had been seeing how creative people were with choosing and decorating their Halloween costumes this year on social media. When the time came to pass out the candy I was fully prepared with treats and a welcoming smile.

However something seemed strange this year. An hour went by and there had not been  any “trick or treaters”in site. This left me a little dumbfounded because Halloween was always the time that the streets would be painted with children and parents, in costumes, carry big bags of candy. I texted a coworker of mine and ask was the situation the same where he was. I was even more shocked when he told me that his neighborhood was also empty.Throughout the night I witness about 3 -4 “trick or treaters”.

Where have all of the children gone? Did someone cancel Halloween this year?

I think I can answer this question. I believe that social media has taking more of a hold  of the new generation than us millennials realize. Today when kids leave school they don’t rush to go home and play outside with their neighborhood friends , they rush to go used their phones without the threat of getting them confiscated by a member of school staff. Consequently, these children would rather stay home and take pictures in their Halloween  outfits than go out and interact with the world because ” if you didn’t take a picture of it, it didn’t happen.” But can we really blame them? Don’t they get it from us? aren’t we also on our phones as life passes us by? Like when we should be partying ,celebrating, socializing, bonding and meeting new people ( the old fashion way when you meet them in real life). Times like this make me ask myself many question but the biggest of them all has to be “Is this the age technology or The age of the sociopath?”

Things to do the next time I fall in love 

Tell her she’s beautiful, and that no matter how fast the years past she’ll always be that way to you. Show her that no matter how cruel the world is she’ll always be what gets you thru.

Give her a home to preform her blessing. Make her feel your warmth even when you aren’t  present.

Give her your undivided attention. Apologize for your mistakes, even the ones she doesn’t mention.

 Give her enough time to see your vision and when ever she cooks offer to clean the kitchen.

Be her truth and show her the light. When things go left be the reason they go right.

Put her on game and show her what’s up. Stay down for her until y’all come up. 

Black Boys Revenge 

Stop racing to the grave and stop going to jail. Stop leaving us to raise ourselves in this living hell. Please help my mother with building this shell.

Because when you leave the evil arrives and mom can’t protect us from both sides. 

Yeah mom’s a queen and she does what she can but no matter how strong she cant raise a man. 

So im forced to roam the streets and look for guidance. From the old boys who only pretend to provide it . 

See these older boys lack guidance too because they were all left by men like you. They’re amused by turning me on to evil and are a perfect example of how “hurt people hurt people”. These older boys were me way back when, so these boys got older but never became men. 

Now I got problems with authority and I subconsciously hate people who look like me. 

Now anybody can get it and since you I never saw you love mom I’m screaming “fuck these bitches” 

I only got love for my block. Because that’s what raise me, the hood is my pops. 

I pop perks and Zans to keep me in the zone,because deep down inside I feel alone. All those grave yard shift and OT (out of town) trips. Carrying guns with Extra clips. Are all Ive known since your sail shipped. I don’t want this life but its all I know, because I never understood why you had to go. 

Was it something I did? Am I to blame? Did I make you feel trapped like a ball in chain? I’m sorry for ruining what you and ma had, I’m sorry for forcing you to be a dad. I just want you to come back,because see I never met you but I’m still so attached. How am I supposed to raise my own? When it feels like I’m violence prone. 

I’m not a Gangsta or a thugs I’m just a boy who missed out on love. But Imma kill my own and sell them drugs because you never stayed long enough to give me a hug.

We Love America 

Dear America,We spend all of our money at your stores, and wait patiently in long lines outside of your doors,to spend money we got from jobs doing your unwanted chores, where we’re forced to accept what you pay us because we’re scared to ask for more. 

We give and you take, we spend you make. We may bend a little but we’ll never break. When we beg you to stop you call up your cops. So now We ain’t even safe on our own blocks!

They could come to our neighborhoods kills us and leave and all theyd ever get is administrative paid leave. They’d even get money in their gofundme account, all for killing the kid whose name was hard to pronounce. 

You break down our schools,pack us in buildings. promote drugs and violence to all of our black children. So Come Friday night we go to club because the partying helps us forget all this stuff! 

But Our homes remain broken and absent of trust. See what your slavery did to us? You chained us physically, spiritually and mentally. Your slavery is even in our music industry. Because We use to sing about pride and hope. But now all I ever hear is guns and dope.  

So Who’s gonna be these young brothers role model? When theyre learning how to hold guns before they can hold thier own bottlles. The sisters need some guidance too because there ain’t no more Lauren hills or eryka badus. All I ever see on the TV screen, are women who look like they’ve been lotioned with bleaching cream. We used to shine bright like the Sun, now it’s like we’re selling our souls to be one of them.

Its like there ain’t no place for us. Because You do as you please and we do what we must. Yet and still we love America, but when will America ever love us? 

Higher learning 

I was trying to get you to see that your life held value and that no amount of money could replace it. But the hood was so good to you that you became complacent . You ain’t want no education you just wanted an iced out bracelet and a SS Impala so through life you was racing. I left and went away to school and you started looking at me like I was basic.But you was tryna sale your soul and I was trying to save it.

I came back so estactic because I was learning new things. I wanted to tell you about how we didn’t come from slaves and that the truth is we came from kings. I wanted to give you the courage to fly and finally flap your wings.I wanted to make you want more than material things. 

I wanted you to leave with me and travel and visit new places. I wanted to explain to you how all white people ain’t racist. I wanted to show you how they keeping you a slave with that chain and that bracelet.But you was tryna sell your soul and I was trying save it.

I tried to tell you then niggas was phony and they really ain’t ya homies.Now I’m up drinking E&j cause you left a nigga lonely. Who gone walk to the store at night? Who gone gone push me when I’m scared to fight? How the fuck Ima go on? How the fuck I’m gone live a normal life? 

I shouldn’t have went to school, I should stayed on the block with you!How them niggas screaming that they shoothas and wasn’t out there with the tool? 

I told you they wasnt real,they was in it for the come up. Cause they saw like me that you were ambition and would wet any nigga tryna run up. They had to catch you slipping bro you to smart to go out like that. And now my heart broke forever cause I couldn’t have ya back. I wish I could go back bro I wish I could erase it! I wish you that you ain’t sale your soul, I wish I could’ve save it.

Me, you and the moon

We’ve been sitting in my car talking for about 5 hours. The moons is out and we’ve talked about  everything under the sun…..It feel like the world is ours ,like our story has just begun…. It feels like we’re strangers and soul mates at the same time. I can’t help but to be yours and now I’m wondering if you’re mine. I understand you and still can’t figure you out… While you’re making me feel sure about things that I’d usually doubt. I’m confident on the outside but on the inside I’m scared, and I’m trying to say all the right things so that you don’t think I’m weird. Now there’s awkward silence and I’m wondering should we kiss? Should I hold back ?….or should I be more intense? Your kiss leaves me in trans I feel like you’ve cast a spell. It’s this lust? or love? At this point it’s hard to tell. But I don’t want to think about the future all that matters is now. We can take this as far as you’d like to, let me know, I’m down. I’ll be patient with you and you be patient with me. Because right now…. there’s no other place that I’d rather be..It’s me you and the moon love..this is our destiny

How we shop is how we date (Part 1: Woman shopping habits.

Woman thrive on impulse

So fellas.. You come home from work and see a living room full of bags and wonder if there is a holiday coming up that maybe you’ve forgotten about. Maybe your girl has done some early Christmas shopping or you forgot it was the anniversary of something you didn’t think was important enough to have its own anniversary. To your relief , she comes in the living room expressing how joyous and lucky she feels to have stumbled upon a sale just before it ended. The smart (I.E more experienced) man will pretend to share her excitement secretly hoping that maybe she bought something for him too. However, as men we’re never as happy as they are when this happens because we know there wasn’t any sale and that our girlfriend just bought whatever items she wanted on impulse. But see, that’s one of the many things about women that we just have to accept. Women live and die on impulse. Women make most of their major decisions on impulses, especially decisions about the types of men they date. 

My Reasoning 

A woman is on her lunch break in the local mall and decides to go treat herself to a new dress. She walks into her favorite store and instantly sees a dress she likes. The dress is nice and the price isn’t that bad but it’s a popular dress and she knows it’s always in stock. She puts the dress down and continues to shop because she knows it’ll be there if she ever decides to come back and pick it up. 

She then sees a more beautiful dress, one she’s never seen anyone with and thinks this is the dress of a lifetime but it’s too expensive.

Although she knows she can’t afford the dress at the moment, she decides to put it on lay away and make deposits whenever she can. While she continues to browse around the store, she spots another stunning dress, high-priced but affordable. 

Not many people have this dress but the women who do are held to prestigious standards. There are only a few of these dresses left and she knows that if she hesitates the woman standing behind her will take the last dress in her size. She buys the dress without thinking twice.

Breaking down the analogy

The first dress that was moderately priced and fully stocked describes the guy who the woman considers to be average (you basic bruh). She may give him her number and go out on a few dates with him but it never goes any further because she knows she can have him whenever she wants and that’s not appealing enough for her to be “all in”.

The second dress represents the nice “wholesome” guy that’ll “make a woman out of her”. She knows that this is the guy that will treat her the way she feels a woman should be treated but she’s not ready for that kind of guy at this point in her life. Shes views him as an investment for the future so she keeps him around in some shape or form. Maybe they go out occasionally, have deep conversations every once in a while and if shes really likes him they might fuck every now and then. These are all little deposits that she assumes will assure that she has the option to buy when she’s ready to make the investment.

 Although she isn’t ready for the type of commitment that the second dress requires she doesn’t want to become another fuck buddy either. The third dress is more of her speed. It defines what she yearns for at this stage in her life. She does want commitment and security but overall she wants excitement! She wants the type of dress/guy that few have and many want. This guy doesn’t want more from her than loyalty and good sex. But like the the second dress, he wont wait around for her. This dynamic triggers her natural impules. Maybe there’s a future with him maybe there isn’t, but that’s what excites her. Whatever the case she’s all in.

Different strokes for Different folks (pause)

Keep in mind some women do shop differently. The woman above is just an examples of how some women utilize their impulsive instinct to choose their partners. Although it is a well-known fact that women shop on impulse, these impulses are triggered by different contributing factors like wants, needs, aspirations and motivations. Depending on those factors, a woman may be more or less inclined to choose either dress (ie. type of man) over the other.

Dropping Jewels 

For the most part, if the woman you’re courting isn’t taking you off the rack right away, chances are you’re not the kind of dress she wants. Additionally, if shes’ stalling but still feeding the idea of the two of you being a couple, chances are she has you on layaway. I mean, Who knows, you might just be one of the lucky ones who get bought around christmas or income tax time. On the other hand I know people who  still owe payments on a VCR they put on layaway in the 90s.