One time I farted shorty after hearing another person fart loudly. But no one knew I had farted. They only knew about the person who’s fart sounded like a garbage disposal.

Somehow the two farts merged together and became a lethal toxin causing people to vacate the area in mass hysteria.

As this person swore up and down that a smell like that could’ve have come from their body, I watched from the other side of the room feeling both liberated —because no one knew I had contributed-and guilty -because everyone thought it came from her-.

She’s a manager at Walmart now and sometimes when I’m up late at night I think to myself “How might her life been different if our farts hadn’t mutated into a nuclear gas?”.

The Yamz

Always in a rush but I stopped for you

Living in a rut cuz my mind confused

Stuck in my emotions ain’t got time to be

all the signs say you were designed for me

Will I get you back only time will tell

Before I find love I gotta find myself


I don’t think anyone has ever met me before.

A name can define someone who has always been and never was.

Physical features are manipulated by genetics.

Personalities isn’t consistent.

In essence I am nothing.

To know me is to know silence.

A virtue seldom acquired in the wilderness of North America.

I’ve never met anyone either.

Only illusions of energy in motions.

Reality is abstract.

Unprovoked love affair

I’ve done nothing to influence your fall

But I’ll do everything to express myself

Because the love I possess is overwhelming

I try to mask it but it seeps through my pores

and engulfs everyone around me

protecting them from themselves

However I no longer want to be a hiding place for bruised soulS

Or spend my life putting together broken hearts.

There has to be more to life than being able to say you’ve figured someone out.

Joe’s monologue

Every now and again I find myself searching for your face in a crowd.

“snap out of it” I tell myself

“You have places to be and people to meet”

So I go on,

satisfied that I no longer have to analyze our twisted love story.

Then we meet again.

Always In that place where time doesn’t exist.

But you’re never quite who you are in my dreams and loving me seems to be nightmare for you.

Yet every night I smell scents of your perfume in the wind.

Either you’re elusive or I’m delusional.

Blinded by deception or hiding my obsession.

With ever scar I feel a little more alive.

The first death

I fell apart once

there were pieces of my heart scattered all over the place.

I wanted to die but my soul wouldn’t quit.

It wouldn’t let go of the memories.

I had to move on

No label or titles, nor weddings with bibles.

What was meant to be never happened and since forever came sooner than I expected,

each time my heart beats I see an image of you.