Sunrises At The Pier

Your thoughts seemed to be distant

as I sat besides you,

cleaning your feet with the water,

awaiting the moment you’d look at me and smile

And when you did,

I froze.

So did time.

When I finally I came to,

my memories of our moments

we’re all a blur.

My spirit tells me that we were magical,

Something words will always fail in describing.

The only clear memory I have to hold on to,

is of us that at the pier,

the sounds of our voices echoing over the water,

the way the sun moved across the sky

and how smooth your skin felt against mine.


Memoirs: Checklist

Things I need while writing my first book:

1. A well functioning laptop

Because the one I have has a virus or something.

2.A well functioning lighter

Because I’m not doing this sober all the way through.

3.A well functioning, and well nurturing woman

Because Writing heightens my sensuality

4. A well functioning imagination

Because imagination is everything


Memoirs: Supreme 

And as the world around me began to fall apart.

The world within me was finally coming together.
I started to wonder less and explore more,

The sun rays seemed to shine like gold and the moon was always full.

Often I’d ask myself questions while alone in my room: 

How long has life been this beautiful? 

Why do I feel so infinite? 

Have I been creating these words? 

Or have these words been creating me?

Each answer birthed new questions 


Sunrise’s By The Pier

I see the sun..and it makes me want to elevate 

So that I  could share it’s energy 

And help the world melinate 

I often wish I’ll  learn to fly 

While transforming into a butterfly 

These dreams I have were made to share 

Which is why I’m elated that you’ve made it here 

I’ll show you all you came to see

Just promise that you’ll stay with me