Sunrise’s By The Pier

I see the sun..and it makes me want to elevate 

So that I  could share it’s energy 

And help the world melinate 

I often wish I’ll  learn to fly 

While transforming into a butterfly 

These dreams I have were made to share 

Which is why I’m elated that you’ve made it here 

I’ll show you all you came to see

Just promise that you’ll stay with me 

Memoirs: How To Love

Had a lot of crooks try to steal my heart

Sneaking through my windows

Breaking in my cars

Smoking all indo (weed)

tearing me apart

Pills on the counter

don’t want to feel the scars

Because they hurt real bad

Like waiting for your dad

But he never show,

so now ya momma mad

And you just want to see em

Got ya your own swag,

but you wan to be him

Another unarmed robber

Tricking me with charm

Let you passed the gates

because you swore you’d do no harm

But now I’m on the cement

Lying here bleeding

All because I can’t tell an angel from demon

Sunrise’s At The Pier

I want you to know that it was never about sex.

or the attention that I couldn’t get from an Ex.

I saw you and I saw my paradise.

I saw beneath the anger.

its view leaving me in delight,

as I kissed you with closed eyes

spiritually walking towards your light.

Nothing like what I expected.

Everything I once neglected.

Grabbing your hand while we walk.

because I want you to feel protected.

What I felt when we met had me thinking like a skeptic

Like: ” If I give my all and lose it, what will I be left with?”

and: “will she be different from other the women I’ve slept with”?

But now I’m in a position which makes it futile to doubt you

Because the more that you’re away, the more I can’t live without you.

-The Artist



Perverse Sense Of Humor:Abductions

I honestly believe that the feeling  you get when you’ve just realized your car has been towed, is very close to the feeling you get when you find out that one of your children or close relatives  have been abducted/kidnapped.

Lets think about it:

You go outside looking around to find your car.

Pretty soon you call your friends and family, to make sure no one has seen or taken your car.

When that fails you begin to accept that your car isn’t coming back.

So you call it in.

Eventually, your on the phone with someone from the  Parking authorities ,telling you that you have a certain amount of time to pay back the city what you owe, or you’ll  never see your car again. After you pay, (assumming you want your or car/child back) deep inside you know that your car will never be the same after such a traumatizing experience. ( People who’ve had their car towed understand that I mean this  both literally and metaphorically)

And just like that, your car has as been abducted, bounty and time allowance decided. Your only choices being: Pay or never see your child (I mean car) again.

Sad times.

Makes me wish Laim Nelson didn’t only save helpless white women.

Other Drugs: Grama

My Grama was an Eastern Star back in the day. She was and still is down the for the cause.  I never understood why my grandfather (being 6’5) let such a little woman boss him around. That is until I got into a beef with some guys around the waw.They came to her house to look for me only to find the butt of her colt 45. She pistol whipped the one whom I thought had been the toughest guy in town until then.

I knew she’d be down to ride  but I had to do this one alone. Too much going on in mind to share my revenge. I needed to feel it. See it. The heavy breathing and pounding beat of my heart.The gun, kicking back in my palms, bullets, tearing through flesh so fast it changes the color of the room. Blood, flowing like a river of ink, and him, trying to hold in his intestines with his shaking hands.

Each day I grew more  passionate about the sight of him dying.