To be exact when it comes to black no ones predating us The founders went on conquest Their mission was enslaving us Colonies all our people Livestocking and trading us Saw power in our skin tone And made a plan change it up Saw God in all our faces still chose to violate us sawContinue reading “Menace”


What happens to dreams unseen? Do they transfer to our roughs drafts? Perish away to our archives? Hide in our trash bins? -Seemingly destined for deletion- Or do they sit in our notifications like unopened email Waiting patiently for our attention

Wild hearts

I don’t want to posses you I want to guide us to liberty Like the ax man in the Forrest I want to chop away At the concepts manipulating your memory I can see that this life is an illusion So I’m manifesting an image of your thighs spreading like diffusion So much chemistry ifContinue reading “Wild hearts”


I believe that when the universe creating me, it did so with its own image in mind. I believe I am protected inside of The universe law And that this law balances the galaxy. I believe that nothing exist and that life is a very convincing illusion. I believe that the ocean is in theContinue reading “Miracles”


Possessiveness. It turns us into conquers, influencing us to enslave those we cannot understand. we become manipulated by a superiority complex; provoking anguish and fear. Transforming us into oppressors, thieves of innocence and tyrant’s of the galaxy. When we are actually, parts of a whole, who’ve been taught to be separate.